In case you’ve never had a web hosting account or you are switching companies and the new one uses a Control Panel tool that you have not seen so far, you may get puzzled about how to do a certain operation in your account or on your computer. That is the reason why, some hosting providers have compiled a knowledge base, which includes the most frequent queries and problems connected with their platform, instead of including only general facts. This kind of knowledge base will enable you to find the right information swiftly and effortlessly, so you won’t need to devote both time and efforts to things that might require something as elementary as hitting a button or checking off a checkbox. In this way, not only can you get things done, but you can also get to know loads of new and valuable facts, both about the way you can manage your account and about the way the hosting service functions in general.
Extensive Online Documentation in Hosting
All Linux hosting that we offer come with an exhaustive knowledge base where you can find everything you should know with regards to your web hosting account. Whether you’re aiming to create a brand new MySQL database, to forward a domain by means of an .htaccess config file or to set up an email account on your PC or smartphone, you can just read our step-by-step help articles and all the info that you need will be there. When you go to a particular section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you will see articles that are dedicated to the functions that you can access through it. In case you’d like to see the entire article collection and get familiar with all the features that Hepsia offers, or simply to read general info about the hosting service, you can browse the entire knowledge base, which can be accessed via the Help menu in your Control Panel. We’ve done our best to encompass any problem that you may possibly chance upon, but if you don’t find the info that you wish, you can always get in touch with us, as our support team members are working 24 hours a day.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We have prepared a detailed knowledge base for all our present and potential customers, so if you buy a semi-dedicated server account from our company, you will be able to find any info that you are looking for at any moment. We have plenty of educative help articles, which will help you understand better what’s going on in your semi-dedicated account – "What is PHP?" and "What are file permissions?" are simply two instances. Our in-depth manuals will help you do anything you like – extract files from an archive, import a MySQL database, redirect a domain, etc. Moreover, we’ve also got troubleshooting guidelines, which will permit you to find out what causes a certain problem and the likely solutions for it. If you’re not able to send e-mail messages or your domain returns a 500 Internal Server Error message, for instance, you can check our knowledge base and recover the problem momentarily. The articles can be accessed through any section of the Control Panel, as well as through the dedicated Help section.